Four Steps to Creating Customer Journeys and Accelerating Growth


With constant changes in technology and brand-new ways for customers to interact with the companies, it has become utterly critical for companies to anticipate how a customer will act at every step of the road. Setting goals based on outdated expectations is not advisable in today’s scenario.

Why is transforming customer-led-journeys so important?

Customers increasingly dictate the rules. According to McKinsey’s report, 75% of customers expect an immediate service — within five minutes of making contact online. And the top reason customers switch brands is because they feel unappreciated.

What are the right ways of transforming customer journeys?

When customers engage with a company, they don’t see billing, onboarding, customer service, or sales as different individual experiences. For them, all these disparate parts of a company are part of one single journey.

Step 1: Define clear customer journeys

The whole idea of establishing a distinctive customer journey is connected to the conviction to serve the customer’s needs. Every employee in the company must be made aware of this simple truth through a shared vision.

Step 2: Identify what matters the most to customers

Guessing based on the customer journey on the website is not always accurate; in fact, it’s mostly wrong. Designing customer journeys takes an extensive, ongoing journey and an innovative mindset.

Step 3: Enabling and Executing the Transformation

Companies focused on customer-centric approach engage customers at every level of the organization. Since employees are the ones who interact with the customers, it’s important to listen to them and establish mechanisms to address customers’ issues and needs.

Step 4: Governing and Funding the Transformation

Companies need to understand if the established customer journeys are creating value — if not, what could be the next good steps to correct its course. Companies need to have a comprehensive method for governing and tracking progress.


Reorganizing and mastering customer journeys is not just a transformational endeavor but also a daunting challenge. Companies need to reconfigure the way the organization and its people work and track progress.

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Solunus, a US-based company, simplifies Salesforce for customers. We partner for win-win scenarios with clear ROI that clients realize by the end of engagement.