How Can Home-workers Ensure Cyber-security During COVID-19 (and Beyond)?

Why are cyber-criminals targeting people working from home?

How can people working from their homes avoid falling prey to cyber-crimes?

  • The password must be hard enough to guess, yet you should be able to remember it. A good way to do this is use the first letters of a line of your favorite song and include numerals or special characters. For instance, you can use the line Do you know the way to San Jose? from the song of the same name and create a password — DYKtwTSJ.
  • Add a combination of numeric and special characters to text to make life more difficult for cyber-criminals. Staying on with the Do you know the way to San Jose? example, you can add the characters 2020%& to DYKtwTSJ to create a near unbreakable password — DYKtwTSJ2020%&. Remember, the longer and more complex your passwords, the more secure they are. Make sure to create a password of at least 12 characters.
  • NEVER write passwords on a piece of paper or store them on your computer. There is every chance they’ll fall into wrong hands.
  • Don’t use characters from the usernames used for logging into online applications and your name in the passwords.
  • Avoid using names of sports such as baseball, hockey, soccer etc. in your passwords as they can be easily cracked. They’ll make the job of cyber-criminals very easy.
  • Make sure you don’t include words or numbers which can be guessed very easily. For instance, never use the names of your loved ones and pets and the brand of your car.
  • See your passwords don’t contain words listed in dictionaries. For instance, there is a good chance of the password Rhapsody2834 getting cracked, as the word rhapsody is listed in a dictionary. Cyber-criminals use sophisticated software to break passwords, and their work will become a lot easier, if you use words listed in dictionaries. Likewise, avoid using terms in encyclopedias and holy texts such as The Bible.
  • Don’t use a series of consecutive letters such as abcdef in your passwords. In a similar fashion, avoid using consecutive digits such as 34567 or consecutive keyboard characters such as asdfgh.
  • Ensure there are no blank spaces in your passwords.
  • Always access your work-related applications using a VPN
  • Anti-malware applications alone cannot ensure 100% cyber-security
  • Don’t open emails or messages from unknown or suspicious persons
  • Use your common sense; don’t fall bait to phishing emails and messages and share confidential information

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